• Comic Theory 101: Too Many Twos

    This article was originally written for my periodic column at the online magazine Comixtalk in March 2006.

  • Comic Theory 101: Loopy Framing

    This article was originally written for my periodic column at the online magazine Comixtalk in March 2007. by Neil Cohn and Tym Godek Over the years, some graphic elements have become […]

  • Creating new face emoji

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog post, but here’s some fun news… I helped create several of the new emoji that have recently been added to phones, and […]

  • From “learning to draw” to “acquiring a visual vocabulary”

    Many people feel they “can’t draw”, which seems odd given assumptions about drawing as a direct pathway to visual concepts. Most of us can see, so why can’t we draw? […]

  • 2019: My publications in review

    It’s now become an annual tradition for me to summarize my publications from the past year (2016, 2017, 2018). Well, 2019 has been an exciting year of papers for me, […]

  • New paper: Visual narrative comprehension: Universal or not?

    My latest paper has now been published in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review entitled “Visual Narrative Comprehension: Universal or not?” This paper explores to what degree sequences of images are universally […]

  • Interview with A. David Lewis

    I had the pleasure of being interviewed on a streaming video with the comics scholar A. David Lewis recently, and he’s now posted the video online! His primary line of […]

  • ERC Starting Grant for Visual Language research

    I’m very happy to officially announce that I have received an ERC Starting Grant! This is my first major individual research grant (after many many tries), and I’m very excited […]

  • New paper: Structural complexity in visual narratives

    2019 so far has been a flurry of published papers for me, and here’s yet another. My paper “Structural complexity in visual narratives: Theory, brains, and cross-cultural diversity” is now […]

  • New paper: The neurophysiology of event processing in language and visual events

    In yet another one of my recent publications, here is a book chapter that’s been awaiting publication for many years. My paper with my dear departed friend, Martin Paczynski, “The […]