New essay: The limits of time and transitions

On the *NEW* publication front: The first issue of the new journal Studies in Comics went online today, and I have a brand spankin’ new article in it. The first […]

Panel Time!

1.5 seconds per panel. That’s how long it takes on average for wordless panels to be read. I recently completed a very exciting study that asked people to read four-panel […]

Time and The Torch

On this page I found another great example of a page by Jae Lee that defies the “temporal mapping” idea that successive panels are successive moments: I’m unaware of the […]

Graphic safety for airplane crashes

One of the reasons I’ve been a bit MIA from the blog lately is because I’ve been traveling a lot. On one flight, I noticed some interesting things in the […]

Time essay analyzed

In Derik’s continuing exploration of panel transitions (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), he does an interesting job of dissecting my latest essay “Time Frames… Or Not.” To keep things […]

Tim and Time

So, well timed for my new essay, “Time Frames… or Not”, on why panels don’t equal moments (and time does not equal space), Tim Godek posts this excellent and simple […]

New Essay: Time Frames… Or Not

Wow, its been a really long time since I last posted a new downloadable essay. Well, if you’ve been anxiously awaiting one, today is your lucky day! I’ve just posted […]

Thoughts on Time

I’ve had a couple very interesting (and heated) discussions about “time” with friends recently that might be interesting to share. What had inspired one of these discussions was a book […]


Newsrama hosts the first part of three articles about Time in sequential art written by Joanna Estep. The piece is very well presented, and I like how systematic her analysis […]

Musings on Time and Space

One of the papers I’m currently writing is about how “time” is understood across sequences of panels. Scott McCloud’s basic position on this is that “time = space,” so moving […]