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February 8 2022 –  LINGUAE lecture #1, and Cognitive Science Colloquium series at the Departement d’Etudes Cognitives, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

February 10 2022 –  LINGUAE lecture #2, at the Departement d’Etudes Cognitives, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

March 25 2022 – University of Glasgow, School of Psychology’s Friday Seminar Series

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  • New paper: Remarks on multimodality

    Multimodal Parallel Architecture

    I’m really excited to announce that my 2022 is kicking off with a new paper! This one is written with my colleague Joost Schilperoord, Remarks on multimodality: Grammatical interactions in […]

Books on Visual Language

Who Understands Comics? Book
2021 Eisner Award Nominee
The Visual Narrative Reader
The Visual Language of Comics

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The story of US comics is the story of Jewish experiences – especially during the 20th century, the Holocaust & WWII. The most influential comic creators in the US history (arguably – but I’d say it’s not really very arguable) are Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Stan Lee & Jack Kirby.

This is an excellent thread about the banning of Maus. Something has been grating at me beyond the obvious issues here, & this helped me out my finger on it – it’s the banning of this story being told in the medium of comics. Here’s why the comics part is incredibly important: https://twitter.com/cakesandcourage/status/1486885455127846912

taber 🟣@cakesandcourage

wanted to show y’all this panel Spiegelman made for his retrospective on Maus. every time I look at it, I see myself in the mask, and feel the whole corpus of the story flooding back in a fraction of a second that resolves in a blurry maelstrom of futures that never got to happen