Comics workshops

Visual Thinking and Composition

In addition to research on the structure of the visual languages used in comics, Neil Cohn has taught classes and workshops on the creation of comics. To this end, at Tilburg University, he taught the Visual Thinking and Composition “Research Skills” course as part of the program for masters students in the Communication and Information Sciences.

The course aimed to teach basic drawing and visual communication skills. The final project for this class was to summarize and “translate” an academic paper into a short comic. The 7 week class has an intensive schedule with modules including classes on 1) drawing 3D shapes, 2) depth and shading, 3) faces and emotions, 4) bodies and actions, 5) scenes, 6) visual storytelling, and 7) text-image connections.

Visual Thinking and Composition Lecture

Below are links to classes where you can see students’ comics from previous years courses. Enjoy!