Hearts and bulbs

Here’s another great recent Savage Chickens comic by Doug Savage. I’ve commented on this great strip before, and here’s another good “meta”-comic: As we all know, hearts are symbolic of […]


Savage Chickens never seems to fail to give me a laugh. This one especially had me chuckling… The reason I liked this one so much is that it plays on a […]

Deaf Comics

I have always wanted to learn sign language, and my labmate, who is an interpreter, recently began teaching me American Sign Language. It’s been very fun to finally be learning […]

CogSci Comics

I am currently in the refractory period of the semester, enjoying the freedom of summer break starting and the ability to work on all those projects I usually don’t get […]

A Time Sex Thing!

In response to this Language Log post, my best friend John sends along this wacky revamped movie poster: As he put it “A google image search for ‘pulp sci-fi novel’ […]

The Brain

Not much is known about the Brain. Here’s a nice little video explaining about it:

Back from Beantown

So, I arrived safely (and exhaustedly) back from Boston tonight after an enjoyable and draining trip. Don’t want to jinx anything, so more details coming soon hopefully. However, I did […]

Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society

Ok, so maybe superheroes actualy can have a major effect on people’s daily lives. Hilarious!

Origin of the Species, mon

Whoever thought of this is brilliant. I’ve heard that we’re in the age of the remix, and this is certainly the coolest presentation of “Origin of the Species” I’ve ever […]