Reruns: Fight the Comic Aristocracy

I have a “rerun” of my older article Fight the Comic Aristocracy over at Sequart. It deals with the the “aristocratic” structures that are in the comic industry and the […]

Comics definitions and distribution

A friend of mine and I were talking about comic distribution and some interesting points came up, including how McCloud’s definition of “comics” might actually hurt the growth of the […]

Links anyone?

Life’s been good lately. After being a bit debilitated from my hip surgery, I’m now starting to walk short distances again, though the crutches will be with me for a […]

More reruns! Comics≠art

Continuing with the re-posting of my Comixpedia articles, has a posting of my old article Comics’ Identity Crisis: Claiming “Art” is a Misguided Quest. It’s weird to see these […]

Reruns at

So, after discovering my post about them, the folks over at Sequart have kindly offered to repost some of my essays on the comic industry that initially appeared at Comixpedia […]

Wired: Marvel should embrace digital distribution

This month’s Wired Magazine features an article arguing that Marvel and DC should sell digitized versions of old issues online. While venturing into new material online has yet to show […]

Oh “Graphic Novel”, I hardly knew ye

I was in the kid’s section of a bookstore the other day looking for a stickerbook for the 5 year olds I teach, and I came across a book titled […]

The Character of “Comics”

Recently, one of the elementary school kids that I teach found out that I “drew comics” after she mentioned that she wanted to be an artist. What intrigued me (besides […]

Comics and the mainstream

Tom Spurgeon makes some points on why comics shouldn’t strive to be in the mainstream. I’ve addressed the ways I believe the form can become a major force in American […]