Links anyone?

Life’s been good lately. After being a bit debilitated from my hip surgery, I’m now starting to walk short distances again, though the crutches will be with me for a few more weeks still. More pertinent to my research concerns, I’ve finally finished writing my first year project paper, which was a bear to write. Now I can turn my focus to other visual language and comics related projects. Here’s some links that have fallen in my lap recently…

Through my ComicSpace account, I was alerted to The Cape Symposium. While most of it seems to be a message board for talking about superhero comics in particular, the overall tone tries to probe a little deeper than the usual surface discussions, and some threads seem to aim towards praxis based theory. One thread has a downloadable pdf exploring the relations of text and image in comics, largely from a semiological-ish view.

Also, Tor from Comic Book Innovation emails me with word of Storytron, which seems to be a company working on technology for interactive storytelling. Seems to be pretty interesting.

Finally, Alan David Doane has a great essay about why the mainstream comic market is doomed to extinction. I think it’s a great piece, and echoes many of the things I said in my first essay for Comixpedia, and in many of the writings in the “Visual Language Manifesto”. Worth reading if these are concerns of yours.


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