Reruns: Fight the Comic Aristocracy

I have a “rerun” of my older article Fight the Comic Aristocracy over at Sequart. It deals with the the “aristocratic” structures that are in the comic industry and the democratizing force that the notion of “visual language” can have in contrast to it.

I used the term “aristocratic” there pretty much to stand in for “Bourgeoisie” or “elitist”, but in a somewhat broader more abstract sense. In retrospect it does admittedly sound a bit hokey, but I couldn’t really think of something better. Ah well.

When it was originally posted over at (the-then-) Comixpedia, they broke it up into two separate articles, while here I’ve retained it in its intentional one big piece. I’ve also cleaned it up a bit and junked a few parts that I thought were clunky. So, if you didn’t get enough when it came out a couple years ago, enjoy it once again!


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