Prehistoric animation?

One of my research assistants from Tufts, Patrick Bender, sent along this link to an article that claims prehistoric cave paintings from 30,000 years ago actually featured animated figures. The […]

More on the Burnt City Bowl

Apparently I’ve been getting linked to a lot for my previous post on the Burnt City animation drawing of an illustrated goat jumping along the outside of an earthenware bowl. […]

Burnt City animation VL

Last year there was the rather striking discovery out of Tehran of a 5000 year old “animation” of a goat found on an earthenware bowl. Like many, I found this […]

Mayan Visual Language?

I haven’t done a review for a while, so here’s an absolutely fascinating one (again, listed in my bibliography): Nielsen, Jesper, and Wichmann, Søren. 2000. America’s First Comics? Techniques, Contents, […]