ACLU comi… I mean “graphic novel”!

Apparently the ACLU has an “online graphic novel” titled Defenders of Freedom up at their site. I find their use of wording interesting. The piece itself states, “We are not […]

Hartmann on Air America

I’ve recently heard the news that Thom Hartmann, author of my illustrated book We the People: A Call to Take Back America, is replacing Al Franken on Air America Radio. […]

Eloquence on 9/11

I really didn’t do much to think about memorializing 9/11 today. I saw them lowering the flags to half mast on campus this morning, and besides that it persisted in […]

Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class

As long as I’m doing politically oriented posts, I’ve been meaning for a while to plug Thom Hartmann’s new book Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class — And […]

The Power of Nightmares

For anyone that is interested in the state of the world today related to American politics and terrorism, I highly recommend watching this BBC documentary on the concurrent rise of […]

A Terrifying Message from Al Gore

An Inconvenient Truth

I just saw Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth today, and man, all I can say is that everyone out there should see this movie. It is powerful, compelling, and […]

Was the 2004 election stolen?

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s cover story article in this month’s Rolling Stone provides fairly overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that the winner of the 2004 presidential election was not GWB. I highly […]

Corporate friendster

On his radio show today Thom mentioned this fascinating/scary site that shows the degrees of separation between board members of major corporations. If any person out there doubts that the […]

Save the Internet

Congress is going to be voting on whether to hand over the Internet to corporations like AT&T: “Net Neutrality allows everyone to compete on a level playing field and is […]