Creating new face emoji

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog post, but here’s some fun news… I helped create several of the new emoji that have recently been added to phones, and […]

Mayan visual narratives in the BBC!

I’m very happy to say that David Robson over at the BBC has a new article out discussing Jesper Nielsen and Søren Wichmann’s chapter in my new book, The Visual […]

Der Spiegel article

For all you German speakers, the latest issue of Der Spiegel has an article about my research. Unfortunately, the full content is not available unless you’re a subscriber, but a […]

Fast Co.Design article

Fast Company magazine’s Co.Design site has a write up of my research over at their site. The article focuses mostly on my “(Pea)nuts and bolts of visual narrative” article from […]

Guardian Article

David Robson discusses my research and my upcoming book, The Visual Language of Comics (out in less than 2 weeks in the UK!) in a new article for the UK’s Guardian newspaper. He interestingly ties […]

Tufts Magazine

The latest issue of Tufts Magazine has a nice write up about my talk from this year’s Comic-Con. Go check it out!