Art vs. Language

This article was originally written for my periodic column at the online magazine Comixtalk in July 2004. In my last article, I wrote about the problems facing the designation of the “comics medium […]

“Bad anatomy” and body objectification in comics

Greg Land cover and redrawn version from The recent uproar over the covers of Spider-Woman books by Marvel has lead to cries that they are both sexist and poorly […]

(^_^) … Emoticons and the Brain

Masahide Yuasa, Keiichi Saito,Naoki Mukawa. 2006. Emoticons convey emotions without cognition of faces: an fMRI study. Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. April 22-27, 2006. Montréal, Québec, Canada Related […]

Cartoony vs. Realistic Images in the Brain

Choi, Yeojeong, Kim, Takhwan, & Jaeseung Jeong. 2008. “EEG Source Localization during Empathy of Iconic and Realistic Cartoon Characters.” Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Melbourne, Australia ,15-19 June, 2008 […]

Double Standards in Style

I had an interesting realization the other day about the way people judge the quality of realistic versus cartoony drawing styles. It seems to me that the more someone tries […]

More on Imitation in Drawing

Brent Wilson and Marjorie Wilson have done a lot of great work on child drawing that has influenced my thinking, especially since they take comics and manga into account a […]

Point perspective

Austin Kleon has a nice little post about point perspective in comics, noting his like of artists who don’t use it at all (link via Derik). The preference for point […]

16 panels that are Still Conventional whether you think they work or not

I neglected posting this ealier in the week, but John Morris has a parody/homage to Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that always work over at Comixpedia entitled 16 Panels That I […]

Thoughts on a visual e/i-language

Big breath; prepare for a long post… Most of the time, people think about languages as being “out there in the world” – consisting of a conventional list of words […]

Mannerism, Imitation, and Iconic Bias

Dirk (who kindly keeps linking to my posts) provides some thoughts on my last post about imitation by describing “Mannerism” (about halfway down the post). He describes the Renaissance Mannerists […]