The Graphic Canon Vol. 2

On the non-theory front, I’m happy to announce that I have a piece in the recently released second volume of The Graphic Canon edited by Russ Kick. It’s a collection of […]

Finale of Life is where Love is

So, today is the finale of my WCN piece Life is where Love is. This was a very special piece for me. Throughout high school, I had been working on […]

LiwLi updated, links

I probably won’t continue commenting for every post of my new Meditations piece “Life is where Love is,” but I’ve always loved today’s page for some reason. Maybe I just […]

More on LiwLi

So, with this latest post of my new Meditations story “Life is where Love is,” I figured I should fill in a bit more info about it. The piece was […]

New Comic: Life is where Love is

At long last since the start of grad school, I’ve got a new (old) comic up at my Webcomicsnation Meditations series. Despite the somewhat corny title, this is actually the […]

La Pluie

At long last, my Meditations have returned. Here’s the latest called “La Pluie”. The use of French was largely intended for the melancholy mood it gives, and I took into […]


Today’s Meditation is “Ballerina”, a piece written as a companion to Autumn…. It was partially based on a girl I dated whose face reminded me of a porcelain doll. It […]


With the completion of my second visual adaptation of the John Keats poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci, I’m going to start posting a few of my smaller works. I […]

La Belle Dame Sans Merci… no Part Tres I swear!

I’ve posted the concluding installment to my second visual adaptation of the John Keats poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci. Now that it’s done, I’d love to hear people’s thoughts […]

“Comic” Theory 101: Seeing Rhymes

At long last, I finally have a new “Comic” Theory 101 article up at Comixpedia. This one delves into the possibilities of “visual rhyming” and how we can play with […]