With the completion of my second visual adaptation of the John Keats poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci, I’m going to start posting a few of my smaller works. I did a couple series of shorts, including this next run of Meditations.

This one is called Autumn…, and it was done in the Fall of 1998, shortly after I graduated high school. A friend of mine had been doing a zine in which she wrote a similarly themed poem, and had kind of issued a challenge for me to match it. This single page is the result of that, and the girl in it is meant to look somewhat like her. I believe this was the first piece I ever used the computer on, in this case merely to letter it. I had done an “alternate” version where I used a “cloud” filter to make the sky dusky looking, but ended up not using it for anything.

Incidentally on a theory note, several years after I had drawn it, the sequence with the leaf falling was one of the first which sponsered me to start rejecting the idea of linear transitions between panels. Can you spot why?


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