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So, with this latest post of my new Meditations story “Life is where Love is,” I figured I should fill in a bit more info about it. The piece was the first of my more “conceptual” approaches to structuring comic stories. If you can even call it a story. Or a narrative. I’ve always thought of it more as an “artistic visual essay.” You’ll see why after a few more posts.

In any case, I drew it right at the end of high school in 1998, and to be honest, given the quality of my drawing back then, you can kinda tell that’s when it was done. I do quite enjoy the heavy black/white contrast style still though.

A friend of mine from high school at the time was a director at Cal Arts and decided that he wanted to turn it into a ballet. This was just a couple months after I finished it actually. So, the school shelled out several thousand dollars, (he built a full cliffside among other sets), and they used the comic as the direct script for the show. The ballet was set to go on tour a year later, but complications lent it towards never making out and about. Nevertheless, it was essentially finished and ready to go from all I’ve heard.



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