New paper: The cultural pages of comics

I’m excited to announce that our paper, “The cultural pages of comics: cross-cultural variation in page layouts”, has been published in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics! It actually […]

New paper: Pow, punch, pika, and chu

I’m once again excited to announce the publication of another of my students’ projects. Our paper, “Pow, Punch, Pika, and Chu: The Structure of Sound Effects in Genres of American […]

New paper: The vocabulary of manga

Manga Faces

I’m happy to announce that my new article with co-author Sean Ehly, “The vocabulary of manga: Visual morphology in dialects of Japanese Visual Language” is now published in the Journal […]

Review: Indonesian manga analysis

I recently found this interesting paper, “Impacts of manga on Indonesian readers’ self-efficacy and behavior intentions to imitate its visuals,” that attempts to dissect the factors influencing why Indonesian comic fans […]

New article: Framing attention in Japanese and American comics

I’m pleased to say that I now have a new article out about the cross-cultural differences between American comics—both Mainstream and Indy comics—and Japanese manga: “Framing attention in Japanese and […]

New Article: Comics vs. Manga

I recently had a new paper appear in the journal Image[&]Narrative about the difference in the structuring of comic panels in American comics and Japanese manga. Here’s the abstract: A […]

Kid’s sequential drawings

This is a summary/review of an article I thought had particularly compelling evidence for why understanding sequential images is a learned trait. Highlights are all mine… Narratives of urban Japanese […]

Panels in Japanese vs. American Mainstream/Indie comics

This semester my student Amaro Taylor-Weiner did a great senior project following up to my cross cultural study comparing Japanese and American comics. He was one of my students in […]

Book Chapter: Manga

It isn’t entirely a new paper, but my paper “Japanese Visual Language” is now published in the anthology Manga: An Anthology of Global and Cultural Perspectives now out in paperback. […]

Japanese children, drawing, and imitation

These are a couple great articles by Brent Wilson about how children in different cultures learn to draw, particularly contrasting the Japanese with other cultures. Both articles contain more extensive […]