Review: Metaphoricity of Conventionalized Diagetic Images in Comics

Michał Szawerna’s recent book Metaphoricity of Conventionalized Diegetic Images in Comics: A Study in Multimodal Cognitive Linguistics analyzes a variety of structural aspects of the visual languages of comics by […]

The non-universality of cartoony images and comics

There are many who assume that cartoony images and the ability to understand sequential images is universal. The 1978 study “Communicating with Pictures in Nepal” by Fussell and Haaland reports […]

Review: Unflattening by Nick Sousanis

Nick Sousanis’ recent book Unflattening has been receiving praise for its freeing message and artistic execution. The book was Sousanis’ doctoral dissertation, and in being a graphic work, it thus […]

Metaphors in the Bayeux Tapestry

Here’s an interesting article examining semantic aspects of the Bayeux Tapestry that just appeared in the latest issue of Review of Cognitive Linguistics. I’ve written before about Charles Forceville’s work applying […]

Review: Indonesian manga analysis

I recently found this interesting paper, “Impacts of manga on Indonesian readers’ self-efficacy and behavior intentions to imitate its visuals,” that attempts to dissect the factors influencing why Indonesian comic fans […]

Review: Comics and Language by Hannah Miodrag

Among the many books on “comics theory” published this year, Comics and Language by Hannah Miodrag may be the most relevant for my own interests. It directly analyzes the relationship between […]

Review: Narrative Structure in Comics by Barbara Postema

Barbara Postema’s new book, Narrative Structure in Comics, joins a nice list of books on comic theory to emerge this year, and it provides some interesting analyses and insights. The book is clearly […]

Full year of comic theory books

2013 seems to be quite the year for books about theories of the comic medium! There’ve been at least four volumes that have come out this year, plus my own, […]

Comics, games, and bad science

I’m often very excited when I find new research on comics, especially when it’s experimental. There is so little done that it’s a treat to find something I didn’t know […]

Review: How fast can you comprehend comic panels?

In this study, the authors wanted to know how much time it would take to comprehend each image of a sequence of images, both for how long each panel stayed […]