Tourist traps in comics land*: Unpublished comics research

In a series of Twitter posts, I recently reflected on the pitfalls of various comics research that hasn’t been published. Since I think it contains some valuable lessons, I’m going […]

New paper: Reading without words

One of the most frequent questions that people ask about reading comics is “what are people’s eyes doing when comprehending comics?” More and more, I see people planning eye-tracking experiments […]

Science and Eddie Campbell’s rules of comics comprehension

In Eddie Campbell’s recent article at The Comics Journal, he described several potential “rhetorical rules” that authors of comics can follow in order to make them more understandable to inexperienced […]

Eye-movements for comic panels vs. photos

In the recent article, “Inferring Artistic Intention in Comic Art through Viewer Gaze,” the authors examined whether people’s eyes are more directed to parts of comic panels than they are when […]

Eye movement in reading comics

I’ve posted a few studies that have looked at how people’s eyes move across comic pages (here and here), and I recently found another. This short study looked at when […]

Eye-movements reading comic pages

Omori, Takahide, Taku Ishii, and Keiko Kurata. 2004. Eye catchers in comics: Controlling eye movements in reading pictorial and textual media. In 28th International Congress of Psychology. Beijing, China. A […]

Manga Literacy

I’ve made a couple additions to the Reference Bibliography, including this one: Nakazawa, Jun. 2005. Development of Manga (Comic Book) Literacy in Children. In Shwalb, David, Jun Nakazawa, Barbara (Eds). […]