New paper: When a hit sounds like a kiss

I’m excited to announce that I have new paper out in the journal Brain and Language entitled “When a hit sounds like a kiss: an electrophysiological exploration of semantic processing […]

Inference generating comic panels

Since my last post discussed my new paper on action stars, I thought it would be worth doing a refresher on these types of panels in the visual language of […]

New paper: Action starring narrative and events

Waaaay back in 2008 I first posted about a phenomenon in comics that I called an “action star”, such as the third panel in this sequence: I argued that these […]

Action Stars and Smoke-veiled fights

I’ve posted every now and again about a convention in comics that I’ve called “action stars”, where a whole panel is replaced by a star shaped “flash” that essentially represents […]


In discussing this post of mine with Derik, I realized that I should post on the technique I used of substituting a whole panel for an “action star,” like this: […]