Review: Emotion in manga through loss of hands

This paper continues Charles Forceville‘s research paradigm of looking at the metaphorical underpinnings of meaning in comics. Here, he and Michael Abbott look at a particular phenomenon in some manga where […]

Review: “Language of Comics” in Art of Comics

The recent compilation, The Art of Comics edited by Aaron Meskin and Royt Cook contains several new articles on a “Philosophical Approach” to comic theory. This book tackles many interesting […]

Indexing Events with Panels

A comment on my review of Magnussen’s piece on semiotics in comics asked me to expand on this part: More interestingly, she claims that the “still-images of actions” are also […]

Review: Semiotics and comics

Magnussen, Anne. (2000). The Semiotics of C.S. Peirce as a Theoretical Framework for the Understanding of Comics. In A. Magnussen & H.-C. Christiansen (Eds.), Comics and Culture: Analytical and Theoretical […]

Essay in The Public Journal of Semiotics

Way back in January, I had a piece published in the innaugural issue of the online Public Journal of Semiotics, yet kept forgetting to post about it. The essay there […]

Thoughts on a visual e/i-language

Big breath; prepare for a long post… Most of the time, people think about languages as being “out there in the world” – consisting of a conventional list of words […]

Just for the kiddies

This was a final thought that never got posted on the whole “Iconic Bias” kick. I started thinking about the old “Comics are for kids” misperception related to it all. […]

Not Just Perception

So, it seems this Art vs. Language/Iconic Bias stuff is on the brain these days… A great deal of research on “art” or looking at drawings has been situated in […]

Iconic Bias, Part 3

So, last post I talked about how criticism of certain drawing styles stems from the fact that critics might speak a different dialect of visual language. The Art Perspective would […]

Iconic Bias, Part 2

As I discussed in my previous post, there is an Art Perspective belief that people should learn to draw from “real life” and not from copying others. In that post, […]