Interview with A. David Lewis

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on a streaming video with the comics scholar A. David Lewis recently, and he’s now posted the video online! His primary line of […]

Workshop: How We Make and Understand Drawings

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of doing a workshop with Gabriel Greenberg (UCLA) about the understanding of drawings and visual narratives at the University of Connecticut. The workshop […]

August craziness from the east side of the Atlantic

Busy times lately: This marks my first blog post on the east side of the Atlantic! I’ve now been living in the Netherlands for the better part of August, and […]

Moves, Comic-Con, and one crazy summer!

Summer has been a wild one so far, and only getting crazier. In addition to several conferences in the US, I’m now preparing to move to The Netherlands for my […]

Comicology conference in Japan

For anyone who might happen to be in Japan at the end of next month, I’ll be speaking at Kyoto Seika University’s upcoming conference, Comicology: Probing Practical Scholarship from September […]

Comic-Con 2015: The Scientific Study of The Visual Language of Comics

Thanks to my good friend Dan Christensen, I here present my talk from Comic-Con 2015, “The Scientific Study of The Visual Language of Comics.” This was my introductory talk for […]

ComicCon 2015 postscript

As always, I had a great time at ComicCon this year! I thought my panel on “The scientific study of the visual language of comics” went great, and I greatly […]

An update: Talks of future past

I’ve got roughly a month left of my summer (yay quarter system!), and it’s been a wild ride so far. I’ve given talks in Germany, Québec City, and Seattle, and […]

Recap: Cognitive Science 2014

This past weekend I got to enjoy the annual Cognitive Science Society conference in Québec City, Canada. Unfortunately, this year’s conference conflicted with ComicCon, but in the end it was […]

Germany workshops recap

I’m a few weeks late to post on it, but my workshops in Germany were wonderfully fun! I’ve spent the intervening week traveling throughout the East Coast, so I’m only […]