An update: Talks of future past

I’ve got roughly a month left of my summer (yay quarter system!), and it’s been a wild ride so far. I’ve given talks in Germany, Qu├ębec City, and Seattle, and by the time summer is over, I’ll have given roughly 10 talks over three months!

To cap off this tour, I’m about to head back to Germany for a few more talks at the end of September. The first will be for the “Empirical approaches to comics” workshop in Berlin. They’ve recently posted their schedule online and it looks like a very fun line up!

After that I’ll be speaking at some researchers’ labs in other parts of Germany, before heading back to Berlin for the academic ComFor conference on comics. There I’ll be giving the keynote discussing the relations between comics and the brain. (For those of you going, if you have requests for which research you want to hear about, let me know!)

Speaking of talks, I’m excited to say that my recent talk up in Seattle at Microsoft’s FUSE Labs is now online! You can watch it with additional slides on their site here, but you can also just watch it below.

Finally, Happy Birthday to the “King” of comics Jack Kirby! He’d be 97 today.


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