Moves, Comic-Con, and one crazy summer!

Summer has been a wild one so far, and only getting crazier. In addition to several conferences in the US, I’m now preparing to move to The Netherlands for my new job as an assistant professor at Tilburg University, in the Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication! It’s a big move, but I’m very excited to be joining an exciting department with colleagues doing very interesting work.

As if having movers come take all my stuff wasn’t crazy enough this week, we’ve got Comic-Con here! Following on the success of last year’s panel, I’ll again be chairing a panel with my undergraduate researchers. They’ll be presenting about their projects related to cross-cultural diversity in different comics. In these studies, researchers go panel by panel coding different dimensions of structure outlined in visual language theory. We then analyze this data to look at the trends displayed by different cultures.

This year’s talk is Friday at 10:30am in room 26AB, as part of the Comic Arts Conference:

Data-Driven Comics Research

Recent work analyzing comics has turned to scientific methods. Neil Cohn (Tilburg University) will chair this panel discussing projects that annotate properties of comics from around the world, and discuss growing efforts for analyzing comics within the cognitive sciences. Then, presentations by Jessika Axner (University of California, San Diego) and Michaela Diercks (University of California, San Diego) will explore the differences between the structures found in comics from America, Japan, Hong Kong, and various European countries, such as France and Sweden. Finally, Nimish Pratha (University of California, San Diego) will describe how sound effects differ across genres of American comics and Japanese manga. Together, these presentations show the benefits of a data-driven, scientific approach to studying comics.

I’ll also be signing on Thursday and Friday afternoons at the Reading with Pictures booth (#2445) which has been kind enough to again let me join them.

Hope to see you there!


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