Essay origins

So far I’ve been very pleased at the response to my latest essay, “Navigating Comics”, on how people navigate through page layouts (pdf). As several responses have been rolling in […]

Hartmann on Air America

I’ve recently heard the news that Thom Hartmann, author of my illustrated book We the People: A Call to Take Back America, is replacing Al Franken on Air America Radio. […]

Plug o’ rama

So, a couple weeks ago I finished reading Crashing the Gate by Jerome Armstrong (of and Markos Moulistas Zúniga (of DailyKos) and I keep meaning to comment on it. […]

We the People, third times the charm?

Hey, I just found out We the People: A Call to Take Back America has now entered its third printing in about two years. Not bad I’d say. Unfortunately, the […]

We the People 101

One of the projects I’ve been working on slowly over the past several months is a new edition of the book I did with Thom Hartmann, We the People: A […]