Plug o’ rama

So, a couple weeks ago I finished reading Crashing the Gate by Jerome Armstrong (of and Markos Moulistas ZĂșniga (of DailyKos) and I keep meaning to comment on it. I got the prerelease edition, but hadn’t been able to get to reading it for a while after I got it. It is a very well written book with great substance to our current era in American history.

In my book with Thom Hartmann, We the People, we pointed out that the only way progressive voices can compete seriously is by taking over the Democratic Party, not by flocking to third parties, which are ultimately useless in the American politcal landscape. Crashing the Gate takes that ethos and dissects the current problems found in the Democratic establishment, while laying out a strategy for making it an effective political machine. The book is clear, concise, and a must read for anyone who want an insight into the broader political establishment and what must be done to return it to the hands of the citizens.

In other items worth plugging, Tim Godek alerts me that he posted a cleaner version of his story “One Night,” which I find to be very interesting theory wise. The use of so many panels in a “iconographic” fashion (clocks, moon, sun, etc) creates cool effects to the extant that they are blatantly “concepts” as opposed to “narrative increments.” I’ll probably find good use for it in some future paper…

Oh, and more of my own “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” is up as well.


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