New paper: Combinatorial morphology in visual languages

I’m very pleased to announce that my newest paper, “Combinatorial morphology in visual languages” has now been published in a book collection edited by Geert Booij, The Construction of Words: […]

New paper: The vocabulary of manga

Manga Faces

I’m happy to announce that my new article with co-author Sean Ehly, “The vocabulary of manga: Visual morphology in dialects of Japanese Visual Language” is now published in the Journal […]

Metaphors in the Bayeux Tapestry

Here’s an interesting article examining semantic aspects of the Bayeux Tapestry that just appeared in the latest issue of Review of Cognitive Linguistics. I’ve written before about Charles Forceville’s work applying […]

Review: Emotion in manga through loss of hands

This paper continues Charles Forceville‘s research paradigm of looking at the metaphorical underpinnings of meaning in comics. Here, he and Michael Abbott look at a particular phenomenon in some manga where […]

I own a metaphor!

I am now the proud owner of an original piece of Drew Weing art! Drew is selling pieces from his excellent works,and I chose this one: I like this one […]

Comics and pictorial metaphor

I recently discovered that the “Semiotics Institute Online” has a few full online courses that are offered related to comics. One of those is a class on metaphor pictorial theory […]