Igor Kordey’s “Design of comics”

This morning I found this very fun post by Designboom about a talk given by the Croatian comic art Igor Kordey about his page design and storytelling. The post and […]

Violating your drawings!

Here’s a fun blog post by Chris Schweizer on spotting “compositional tangents” while drawing comics. For those unfamiliar, Chris does the excellent “Crogan’s Adventures” series (Crogan’s Loyalty, Crogan’s March, and Crogan’s Vengence) which […]

Page layouts with the Golden Ratio

I was recently sent a link to this blog post from back in May that discusses the “Golden Ratio” in the creation of comic pages by Bizhan Khodabandeh. He has some […]

Rules of Emoji

A friend passed along this article recently which describes research by Tyler Schnoebelen that explores the rules people use when writing with emoji/emoticons. When people hear that I work on […]

Programming with Grawlixes

Marc van Elburg has sent along a paper he’s written about “grawlixes,” which are the random symbols used often in comics to omit profanity, like $#!+! You can read his […]

Corpus analyses of comics

I stumbled across this interesting project called the eBDtheque database which has started coding various comic pages to create a searchable corpus. The full project is online here, while their […]

El Lingüista Ilustrado

Hey Spanish-speakers! I’m excited to announce that some of my articles will now be translated to Spanish in an ongoing series in the digital comics magazine Revisita Exégesis starting with the […]

Two for No: theory in practice

I’m happy to be able to announce that my friends Alexander Danner and Tym Godek have a new weekly comic series called “Two for No.” What makes it even more […]

Hearts and bulbs

Here’s another great recent Savage Chickens comic by Doug Savage. I’ve commented on this great strip before, and here’s another good “meta”-comic: As we all know, hearts are symbolic of […]

Fluency and dialects in understanding comics

In a recent article at The Comics Journal, Eddie Campbell describes the challenge facing some people who “can’t understand comics,” and offers “rules of comprehension” to help aid readers along […]