New book on Australian Sand Narratives

Anyone who has read my new book or followed my work online for the past several years knows that I frequently talk about sand narratives created by Australian Aboriginals as […]

Two for No: theory in practice

I’m happy to be able to announce that my friends Alexander Danner and Tym Godek have a new weekly comic series called “Two for No.” What makes it even more […]

NY Times book review… of my parents

Every now and then I’m compelled to plug something friends or relations do, and I’m super excited that my parents’ latest book has been reviewed in the New York Times. […]

6 Q & As

Webcomicker William George posts a quick Q&A with me on his blog. This is part of a series of quick interviews he’s doing with various people connected to webcomics. I […]

Lightbulbs over the head actually do give insight!

A friend of mine and fellow grad student in the Tufts Psychology Department (Mike Slepian) recently had a paper come out that’s been getting some press lately. Interestingly enough, it […]

Leigh’s Paintings

As long as I’m recharging a bit for future blogging and managing my preparation for the new semester here at school, I felt I should at least devote one blog […]

A Time Sex Thing!

In response to this Language Log post, my best friend John sends along this wacky revamped movie poster: As he put it “A google image search for ‘pulp sci-fi novel’ […]

Character Design for Graphic Novels

An excerpt from my drawn Comixpedia article along with some quotes from your’s truly appear in the new book Character Design for Graphic Novels, written by Steven Withrow and Alexander […]

Speaking fun

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to be speaking next week at the Popular Cultural Association National Conference here in Boston next week. If you’re interested in […]

Grab Bag Comics

Back in like February of this year when I was living in Chicago, I went out to mail a package at the local UPS store. I happened to be mailing […]