Updates and such

With the year closing, now’s as good a time as any to survey some of the things going on around hereā€¦ Now that The Visual Language of Comics is out […]

Complete site relaunch!

So… you may have noticed that things look a little different around here! I have officially relaunched my website with a whole new design and new url. The address for […]

ComicCon and websites

I’ve unfortunately been very busy lately, so blogging has taken a hit unfortunately. However, a few notes about upcoming things… First, after two years away, I’ll be back speaking at […]

11 years and pretty cover

I always seem to miss these things when they happen, but as of May 31st, my website has now been online for 11 years! The amusing thing is that as […]

Big year behind, big year ahead

Happy New Year! Between finally finishing my PhD, moving back to California to start at research fellowship at UCSD, and being featured in a Discover Magazine article, 2012 was a big year. However, […]

Blog-iversary and updates

So, today marks 7 years that my blog has now been online, and 10.5 years for the website. How time flies! I’ve received a lot of great feedback from people […]

Website down…

You’ve probably noticed the frequency of my posts increasing. Now that I’ve finished grad school, driven across America, and flown back from Japan, I’m settling into my postdoctoral fellowship at UCSD’s Center […]

10 years!

It seems I’m always late with these notices, but as of May 31st, emaki.net has been on the Internet for 10 years! I have greatly enjoyed having this outlet to […]

9 years… 1 to go?

As of May 31st, this website has now been up for 9 years! Woo! A couple notes… Yesterday I formally proposed my dissertation, which means I am hopefully on track […]

Busy Times…

I wish I could blog more these days, but life has been crazy. I’m still playing catch-up from my trip to California earlier in the week (and to Rhode Island […]