ComicCon and websites

I’ve unfortunately been very busy lately, so blogging has taken a hit unfortunately. However, a few notes about upcoming things…

First, after two years away, I’ll be back speaking at Comic-Con International this year! My talk will be about “Comics and the Brain” and what neuroscience can tell us about how what goes on in people’s brain’s while they read comics. The final schedule hasn’t been set yet, but it looks like my talk will be on Friday afternoon. Stay tuned for more details.

Also, in the next few weeks I’ll be rolling out my new website. I will be officially changing the url for both the main website and the blog (the RSS feed should stay the same though). So, in anticipation of those changes, please update your links to:



Both of those addresses will, for now, bring you to the existing websites. However, in about two weeks, everything will launch again afresh on those sites while I slowly close things down on the existing web addresses. Looking forward to it!

Finally, if you happen to be going to the Cognitive Science Society Conference in Berlin this year, I’ll be giving a talk as part of the Glushko Dissertation Prize Symposium on Saturday morning.


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