Blog-iversary and updates

So, today marks 7 years that my blog has now been online, and 10.5 years for the website. How time flies!

I’ve received a lot of great feedback from people about my profile in Discover Magazine, so it’s worth having a post here to just review what I’m working on. My original study described in the Discover article can be found here (pdf), or a short, “comic” version here (pdf). I do have a few other brainwave studies that examine sequential images (from my dissertation), though they are still being written up for publication.

All of these papers are based on a theoretical model of a “narrative grammar” I’ve been developing for the past 12 years. The seeds of that theory appear in my book, Early Writings on Visual Language, though the approach in there has been far surpassed by my recent work. A concise version of this narrative grammar is set to be published by Cognitive Science soon.

In addition to that, I will have a new book out next year published by Bloomsbury called, The Visual Language of Comics: Introduction to the Structure and Cognition of Sequential Images. It will lay out the basics of my full theory of visual language, as well as summarize the experimental work done in psychology about how sequential images are comprehended. I’m very excited about the book, since it finally lays out the broader picture of my theories, and should provide a solid foothold for people who are interested in this research. I believe we’re looking at a Fall release, so stay tuned for more updates as it gets closer…

Finally, I’m working on new research as part of my postdoctoral fellowship here at the Center for Research in Language at UC San Diego. We’re currently designing a new brainwave study that looks at the intersection of how people make predictions and “fill in” missing information in a visual sequence.

These all look to be the foundations of a growing field, so I hope you stick around to see how things look once we really pick up steam.


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