9 years… 1 to go?

As of May 31st, this website has now been up for 9 years! Woo! A couple notes…

Yesterday I formally proposed my dissertation, which means I am hopefully on track to finish my program by the end of next school year. That means I’ll be running experiments from now until hopefully around October gathering data. So, keep an eye out for online studies coming soon!

Also, a very big congrats to one of my advisors, Phil Holcomb, who has recently received a prestigious MERIT award from NIH. This is a Method to Extend Research In Time (MERIT) “to provide productive investigators with a history of exceptional talent, imagination, and with a record of preeminent scientific achievements the opportunity to continue making fundamental contributions of lasting scientific value.” It’s a very big deal, since you can’t be nominated for it — they just select you as one of NIH’s most outstanding investigators. It’s a huge honor and we’re all very proud of him!


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