The Principle of Equivalence

An overarching theme across my research is the idea that the structure and cognition of drawing and sequential images is comparable to that of language. I have tried to formalize […]

Revisiting “visual language”

I’ve now had this website for over 10 years, and have been blogging for almost 6 years, so it may be worth revisiting the fundamental ideas of my research over […]

Equivalences for “Language”

In claiming that the graphic form (especially in sequence) is structured as a language, it might help to parse out how to make the analogy reasonably. It’s not as if […]

Collaborative drawing

Last weekend on public television I saw a fantastic biography about Pete Seeger, the influential folk singer and activist. Throughout, Seeger stressed his desire to sing with people, not to […]

Art, Language, and “Cognitive Equivalence”

When I usually speak about the Art versus Language Perspectives, I usually couch it in a view that there are “different potential ways our society treats graphic images.” As I […]