Inference generating comic panels

Since my last post discussed my new paper on action stars, I thought it would be worth doing a refresher on these types of panels in the visual language of […]

Using the theory of narrative grammar

As people have now started reading my book and papers, they’ve naturally started to try to apply my theories of “narrative grammar” to sequential images found in comics. My “narrative […]

VLOC released in the US!

I’m excited to say that it looks like my new book, The Visual Language of Comics, is now available in America! The official release date for the book is still […]

VLOC released in Europe!

The day has finally come‚ĶMy new book The Visual Language of Comics is now available for sale in Europe! My publisher (Bloomsbury) has an interview with me over at their blog […]

Coming soon…

My first printed copy of my upcoming book arrived in the mail today! The book looks beautiful inside and out, and it makes me even more excited in anticipation for […]