“180º Rule”… not so much

This is a review of an experiment that tests the “180º Rule” of film editing using eye movements, and finds that no evidence for negative cognitive effect is found. The […]

Comics reading: Competence and performance

Often times when I give talks, especially concerning layout or the visual grammar of sequences of images, one of the questions inevitably says something along the lines of “But, there’s […]

How active is comic comprehension versus film?

Dash Shaw writes an interesting post delving into the “cinematic” nature of comics that explores thoughts from authors like Chris Ware with many insightful quotes. Relevant to some of this […]

Comics and Film: A Narrative Perspective

Christiansen, Hans-Christian. 2000. Comics and Film: A Narrative Perspective. In Comics and Culture: Analytical and Theoretical Approaches to Comics, edited by A. Magnussen and H.-C. Christiansen. Copenhagen: Museum of Tusculanum […]

Camera angles and meaning

Kraft, Robert N. 1987. The influence of camera angle on comprehension and retention of pictorial events. Memory and Cognition 15 (4):291-307. Kraft explores the semantic associations made to different camera […]

Problems with Transitions

Over at Derik’s blog he’s been examining McCloud’s panel transitions based on influence from film theory (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 …more to come). While […]