Classes, speaking, and books… oh my!

I’m currently enjoying getting work done on my spring break, and have lots of fun news to report! 1. Classes! First, I just completed grading the final exams for my […]

More changes

As of yesterday I fully received my PhD (and the fancy hood!) from Tufts University. It was a long and great journey, but now it’s on to the next venture. […]

Looking forward and backward

So, after 12 years of research and 6 years of grad school, I’m proud to say that I successfully defended my dissertation yesterday and now have a PhD in Psychology […]

Waning days of studenthood

Tuesday will begin what looks to be my last year of grad school, which means my last year of being a student. Yikes! That means I’m currently balancing finishing my […]

Brainwaves for non-sequitur visual sequences

Here is another repost of a review I did awhile ago (1/22/09). This study examines the neurocognitive processes involved with comprehending a series of pictures, like in comics. The experimenters […]

Back to school…

School is starting up next week, which means I suddenly have lots more stuff appearing on my plate. I’m still plugging away at my theoretical paper (now at 140 pages […]

Reading comics for work

I admit it, I have a pretty sweet job. Among the paper writing, class teaching, and data gathering (all fun), it is true that at least a portion of my […]


I’m very excited to say that, after working on this project for 2.5 years, I’ll finally be defending my Master’s project — “Balancing Grammar and Semantics in ‘Comics’: Global Structure […]

Learning to read your brain(waves)

So, today marks a minor milestone for me, as I ran my very first study of comics looking at people’s brainwaves. The image here to the right is from that […]

Congrats to my visual linguists!

I’m very excited to say a big hearty Congratulations to my research assistant Natalie, who graduated today from Tufts. She put in an incredible year’s worth of work in the […]