Back to school…

School is starting up next week, which means I suddenly have lots more stuff appearing on my plate. I’m still plugging away at my theoretical paper (now at 140 pages and growing!) as well as preparing a few other papers for submission to journals. Once I finish that paper, I’ll be jumping back into the grind with more experiments. I’m also excitedly taking my last required course of grad school this semester, which is on the nature of scientific discovery. Should be fun! Otherwise, I have yet to project what sort of timing I’ll have for blogging coming up. However, I recently joined the site Research Blogging which is an aggregator for blog posts about peer-reviewed research. So, I may start reposting several of the article reviews that have been done on the blog over the years so they’ll also be picked up there (and reappear for any new readers who may have missed them the first time around).


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