More changes

As of yesterday I fully received my PhD (and the fancy hood!) from Tufts University. It was a long and great journey, but now it’s on to the next venture. As I mentioned in my last post, I will be spending next year working on an introductory book on visual language theory that is due for Fall of 2013. I’ve been working hard on it lately and am very excited about it.

I will also be joining the Center for Research in Language at UC San Diego as a post-doctoral fellow starting in September. I’ll be further investigating the neurocognition of sequential image processing (i.e., what happens in the brain when people are reading comics). I also plan to start learning techniques for measuring eye-movements, so we can begin to examine what people are looking at in comic panels (and how that relates to what goes on in the brain). I’m very excited for this opportunity and the potential for enlightening new collaborations and research.

In the meantime, hopefully I can start posting on the blog more often. Hopefully…


  • Congratulations on the PHD

    I see you'll be studying what happens to the brain when people read comics.

    What about studying what happens to the brain when people create graphic poems?? I think that would be like the comic study, but on roids!!

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