Review: Unflattening by Nick Sousanis

Nick Sousanis’ recent book Unflattening has been receiving praise for its freeing message and artistic execution. The book was Sousanis’ doctoral dissertation, and in being a graphic work, it thus […]

Downloadable Un-Defining “Comics” article

It’s not exactly a new article, but I realized that my article “Un-Defining ‘Comics’” from the International Journal of Comic Art way back in 2005 was not downloadable from my site. […]

“Defining Comics” video

Patric Lewandowski offers this video lecture of his attempt to define comics, based on his earlier column from Comixtalk. He covers a lot of ground, meshing numerous memes of comics […]

Abstract Comics and Visual Language

Abstract Comics is a new collection of non-representational comics by a variety of authors, including my esteemed blogging colleague Derik Badman. Besides being a beautifully done work of artistry and […]

Why Do You Make Comics write in visual language, If You Do?

Over at TalkAboutComics, Joey Manley asks “Why do people draw comics?”, and makes the observation that… A lot of people who read comics also make them. Maybe even most people.…Almost […]

Vocab gaps

This interesting and quite fun essay/post reviews the book Reading Comics and ponders the definition of “comics” and some other terminological issues. Its biggest query is ‘what is the word […]

Definitions of “Comics” and their unimportance

Derik Badman has a new article up over at Comixtalk about the general trend of defining “comics” and “why we should stop bothering.” This is similar in nature to an […]

Is this a Comic?

Patric Lewandowski joins the club of discussing the definition of “comic” with a new column over at Comixtalk. He has yet to mention my split between comics and visual language, […]

Graphic non-fiction links galore!

Wow, all of a sudden I have a ton of great links to share, all about graphic non-fiction. And sometimes you find them in the darndest of places… Last night […]

Visual language in society

As I’ve mentioned before, I think that the meshing of the notion of “comics” with sequential images (a simple glossing of what I call visual language) actually hurts the perception […]