Is this a Comic?

Patric Lewandowski joins the club of discussing the definition of “comic” with a new column over at Comixtalk. He has yet to mention my split between comics and visual language, but did use the magic VL words, so perhaps he’s on his way there? Seems to be the start of a potentially interesting treatise at least, and I look forward to seeing where he’s going with it.

At the very least, I’m glad Comixtalk has some other people writing about formalist-ish topics, since I’m far too busy to write things these days.


  • thanks for reading and the link! this column is going to be a long series about comics. i do have quite a bit to say about the work you’ve done with visual language and it’s place in a proper definition of comics. because that’s the last of my Four Criteria, it will be a while before i get to it.
    the reason it came last in my list is because, for me, it was the last piece of the puzzle.

    thanks again and i hope you keep reading!


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