• Tis the Season: Happy Bodhi Day!

    This will probably only be funny to a few people, but…

  • Permutations

    Today, like all Wednesdays, I’ve posted another segment of my ongoing “Meditations” at my webcomicsnation site. Since those works were all done awhile ago, I’ll try to give some background […]

  • Bibliography

    Amongst my exuberance to update about the blog and the new essay, I almost forgot that I’ve put some new entries in my Reference Bibliography. I don’t know if people […]

  • Cross-Cultural Space

    I have a new essay available at my site entitled “Cross Cultural Space”. This paper is not very heavy on theoretical issues, but rather represents my efforts to diversify my […]

  • Why a blog?

    I’ve already been updating my news and I have a forum for this site, so why a blog? Well, I figure that a blog can allow me to voice my […]