Amongst my exuberance to update about the blog and the new essay, I almost forgot that I’ve put some new entries in my Reference Bibliography. I don’t know if people really use it or not, but I intend for it to be a resource for people looking for information related to this field.

I actually quite enjoy finding new material, and I read and own just about everything listed there. Suggestions for more are always welcomed!


  • Hi Ray, thanks for the post. You’ve got some nice stuff up on your site. Man, for a California boy like me, it certainly has gotten cold here!

    tymmi, I’m glad to hear someone uses it at least. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll start posting brief thoughts on new works as I read them (I actually write mini-reviews of most of what I read anyways). Would that be of interest?

  • Yeah, I’d go for that.

    Chicago born and raised; I’m pretty used to it. I go out in a towel in this weather. In Vegas or California heat on vacation, though, I melt like an ice cube.

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