Today, like all Wednesdays, I’ve posted another segment of my ongoing “Meditations” at my webcomicsnation site. Since those works were all done awhile ago, I’ll try to give some background to them here as I go along.

The current ongoing piece is a visual poem entitled “Permutations,” that I wrote in college — gosh — six years ago now (!). It grew out of a journal entry that blended lots of drawings with words into a sort of collage, which I then transformed into a more linear form. At the time I’d been reading a lot of David Mack’s Kabuki, so the mixed material nature of it all is reminiscent of that. I was playing a lot with the relationship of the graphic form and phonetics, while trying to dance around the message rather than directly express it. I’d say the finished version became one of my most emotionally driven and experimental pieces of graphic writing.

Besides using just about every artistic implement on my desk at the time (from technical pens to a bamboo “fountain pen”), it was the first major project where I used the computer to put together my pages. Since then I do nearly everything on the computer. We the People started with most line art being scanned, though the further it got the more I drew directly in the computer with my penpad. Now that I have a cintiq, my new stuff is drawn almost 100% on the computer.


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