• New paper: Combinatorial morphology in visual languages

    I’m very pleased to announce that my newest paper, “Combinatorial morphology in visual languages” has now been published in a book collection edited by Geert Booij, The Construction of Words: […]

  • Workshop: How We Make and Understand Drawings

    A few weeks back I had the pleasure of doing a workshop with Gabriel Greenberg (UCLA) about the understanding of drawings and visual narratives at the University of Connecticut. The workshop […]

  • New Paper: In defense of a “grammar” in the visual language of comics

    I’m excited to announce that my new paper, “In defense of a ‘grammar’ in the visual language of comics” is now published in the Journal of Pragmatics. This paper provides […]

  • My friend, Martin Paczynski

    It was with much surprise and a  heavy heart that I learned last week that my friend and colleague Dr. Martin Paczynski suddenly passed away. Martin and I met in […]

  • 2017: My publications in review

    Last year I summarized all the papers I published in 2016, and I thought it worked out so well I might as well keep it going. This year wasn’t quite […]

  • New paper: Not so secret agents

    I’m excited to announce a new paper, “Not so secret agents: Event-related potentials to semantic roles in visual event comprehension,” in the journal Brain and Cognition. This paper was done […]

  • New paper: A picture is worth more words over time

    I’m excited to announce we have another new paper, “A picture is worth more words over time: Multimodality and narrative structure across eight decades of American superhero comics,” now out […]

  • New paper: What’s your neural function, narrative conjunction?

    I’m excited to announce that my new paper “What’s your neural function, narrative conjunction: Grammar, meaning, and fluency in sequential image processing” is now out in the open access journal […]

  • Tourist traps in comics land*: Unpublished comics research

    In a series of Twitter posts, I recently reflected on the pitfalls of various comics research that hasn’t been published. Since I think it contains some valuable lessons, I’m going […]

  • New paper: When a hit sounds like a kiss

    I’m excited to announce that I have new paper out in the journal Brain and Language entitled “When a hit sounds like a kiss: an electrophysiological exploration of semantic processing […]