Coming soon to Germany…

I’m very excited that my workshops in Germany are only a month away! I’ll first be making a stop at Saarland University for a talk about the structure of events  on June 18th.Then the more extensive visits begin…

I’ll be speaking on Saturday, June 21st at the University of Freiburg for an all day workshop. You can find more information here and a pdf poster here.

I’ll then head over to the University of Bremen for a few events. First, I’ll be doing another all day workshop on Monday June 23rd. As in Freiburg, I’ll be discussing the basics of visual language theory, advice on how to go about doing research, and an extensive discussion of the structure and cognition of comics and visual narratives. I’m fighting the urge to over-plan too much, so that a good amount of the material can also be guided by the interests of people in attendance (if you know you’ll be in attendance and want to influence the direction of discussion beforehand, let me know!).

Finally, I’ll be speaking as part of the lecture series, “Recent Paradigms of Film Studies” on Wednesday June 25th. Here, I’ll be talking about the structure and cognition of my theory of narrative grammar, and how it can apply to comics, films, and written discourse.

If you’re in or nearby Germany, I hope to see you soon!


  • No, not much new on anything applied to film explicitly. I have a very large manuscript that lays out the whole of the narrative grammar though. In that, I have a whole chapter on film, though it's a bit more extensive than I could do in a talk alone. For this talk, I'll probably just focus on the narrative grammar itself, and then mention how its various parts do or do not apply to film.

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