Post-talk and new Spanish article

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear my talk at WonderCon on Sunday! I got great questions and really enjoyed the discussion after the talk with people who hung around. The Con itself was pretty fun as well. As I commented with several people, it felt like ComicCon was back 20 years ago.

And, as you can see in the photo… I found someone walking around with an upfix! I think he was confused why I was so excited. Are you confused why I’m so excited? Then go check out my book, where discussion of “upfixes” (stuff floating above character’s heads) receives a nice lengthy discussion!

In other news… the latest issue of Revista ExĂ©gesis is now out! This Spanish-language comics anthology has lots of good short stories, and, like all their issues, it features an article by me, translated into Spanish! This issue has a Spanish version of part of my Visual Language Manifesto, which discussed how visual language theory can inform a restructuring of the comic industry (originally written way back in 2004). Enjoy!


  • Actually, I want to thank YOU for offering us an outstanding panel on such a vital and relevant subject in the comic arts. Your panel was one of the more important panels I had scheduled on all of my 3 days at WonderCon, and you went far beyond my expectations of what I could achieve by attending. The fact that you were so very generous with your time during and AFTER the lecture made all of the difference for me. To allow us to speak with you in more depth AFTER the talk blew me away, and enhanced what I could understand from your research and studies. I am the person who stayed with you late [and, sorry about that] so that I could ask you about the contrast between Scott McCloud's theories about how we process sequential graphic imagery into narrative story telling, and what your own research has shown to be the actual neurological processing and comprehension of all language. I learned as much from staying with the group that you spoke with after your presentation as I did from the talk itself, and I can't thank you enough for the time and information you offered us without hesitation. I am exceptionally happy to have been able to attend with you at a moment in time when your ground breaking work, as well as the superb studies being conducted by some of your associates, is going to revolutionize the entire field of language processing and cognition, and specifically the increasingly vital understanding of the graphic arts in both graphic fiction and graphic non-fiction narrative communication. I am very much looking forward to delving into your book more, and I'm sure I speak for everyone there when I thank you for your time on Sunday April 20, 2014 at WonderCon Anaheim!

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