Some January notes…

Here’s just a few notes from recent developments…

For all you Spanish speakers, a new translated article of mine appears in the latest Revista ExĂ©gesis, revisiting some of the ideas I had about the comic industry and definitions of “comics” from my “Visual Language Manifesto.”

I recently submitted a response to an article in Trends in Cognitive Science that discussed the relationship of syntax and action. If you’re interested, you can read it here. That page also has a nice response written by David Kemmerer, who motivated me to submit mine.

For those of you in Germany, it looks like I’ll be traveling there to give some workshops throughout the summer. I’m very excited about these, and will be posting more about them once they develop further. I currently have a few stops scheduled, but if you’re in Europe and might be interested in adding another event on my calendar, shoot me an email!

Finally, though official US release date for The Visual Language of Comics is still not even until tomorrow (1/30), it’s already had to go for a second printing. So, thanks for all who have gotten it so far!


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