Eurotrip 2013

I’ve just returned from an exciting trip at the Cognitive Science Society conference in Berlin. My presentation was a brief version of my dissertation work (amusingly, roughly the same material from my talk at Comic-Con two weeks prior). My dissertation was actually awarded the Glushko Dissertation Prize this year—named (and funded by) the ever-enthusiastic Robert Glushko.

Even more exciting than that though, at the conference it was announced that my mentor, Ray Jackendoff, will be awarded next year’s Rumelhart Prize! This award is essentially the “Nobel Prize” of cognitive science—the field’s most prestigious and highest honor. So, I’m incredibly excited and proud that it’s being awarded to Ray next year, and I can think of nobody more deserving.

After the conference in Berlin, I spent a few days over in Amsterdam. While I was there, I not only got to experience the fantastic comic book store Lambiek, but had a great time finally meeting Charles Forceville.

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before (here and here), Forceville is one of the few other scholars who has looked at the overlaps of contemporary theories of linguistics to the visual language of comics. Specifically, his work examines how images and multimodal interactions involve underlying conceptual metaphors—mappings of one conceptual frame onto another

If you’re not familiar with his work already, I highly recommend checking it out (this article is a good place to start, as is his edited book, Multimodal Metaphor). Hopefully he and I will be working on several projects together in the future.


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