Updates and such

Things have been a bit busy lately, so I’ve had less time to devote to blogging (suggested topics always welcomed, FYI). I’ve been hard at work on several revisions of papers for journals, as well as prepping several more papers for submissions. I’m also gearing up to start running a new brainwave study here at UCSD, so that’s exciting to have underway.

I’ve also been hard at work on a major redesign/relaunch of this website. The site is getting a new look, new organization, and even a new address. If you’d like to plan ahead for the switch, the new url will be: www.visuallanguagelab.com (currently a redirect to the present site, which will then be flipped on relaunch).

Finally, I’m happy to report that my upcoming book, The Visual Language of Comics, has now entered the production stage! It will be fun to see the proofs in a few weeks. For now though, it’s exciting to see that my publisher has now created a webpage promoting the book, including a growing list of endorsements. Looks like there’s even a page on amazon for it. Let the countdown until it’s release in December begin!


  • Thanks for the post! The new book substantially changes the model of generative grammar that I propose in Early Writings. There's a pretty decent summary of the approach online for free already in the "Visual Narrative Structure" paper in my downloads section. The book will expand a bit on that paper, but that's where I'm mostly at. Enjoy!

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