Discover Magazine article

I’m proud to say that I’m featured in an article in this month’s Discover Magazine! The article was written by the excellent Carl Zimmer, who good-naturedly let me run him through my experiment for the sake of the article. I’d actually read articles by Carl for many years, so it was fun to interact with him  for the interview.

I should note a slight correction to the the reported results of my study. While the difference between the Scrambled and Narrative Structure Only sequences did show a “left anterior negativity” (correlated with syntax), the difference between the amplitudes of those sequences and normal ones showed a different waveform, called the N400 (correlated with semantics). So…

Normal vs. Structural Only = N400
Normal vs. Scrambled = N400
Structural Only vs. Scrambled = Left Anterior Negativity

You can read the original article here (pdf), or a short, “comic” version here (pdf).

Overall though, Carl did a great job describing my study and this type of research. I’m very humbled to receive the attention. Go read!


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